Welcome to YOGEE Beauty and Wellness, a place where the power of nature meets the brilliance of innovation. Our story begins with a simple, yet powerful vision—to revolutionize organic ayurvedic sustainable beauty and wellness in India and across the world. We sought to empower people to make conscious beauty as a way of their lifestyle, while preserving nature and contributing positively to the community. This is what gave birth to YOGEE.

At the heart of this incredible journey stands Dr. Yogesh Suradkar (fondly known as Yogi by loved ones), a celebrated Techno-Commercial Transformational Change Champion and a Leader with a remarkable 18-year track record in the global beauty industry. Driven by a relentless passion for holistic beauty experiences, he has transformed countless lives, leveraging Sustainable Beauty, Inclusive Innovations, and Digital Technologies. With years of expertise as a R&D VP with leading companies like L’Oréal, P&G, and Marico in India, USA, Japan, and Singapore, Dr. Suradkar possesses a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the industry. As his odyssey took him through the many layers of Transformational Leadership, he unearthed the keys to unlocking the greatness hidden in each soul. From the shores of India to the bustling metropolis of the USA, from the Land of the Rising Sun to the Lion City, his journey spanned 18 exhilarating years, immersed in the enchanting world of beauty and cosmetics.

Dr. Yogesh Suradkar has been illuminating the path of beauty and well-being for all with his brilliance and passion. Standing by his side is Neha Suradkar, a renowned Beauty and Fashion expert and Entrepreneur who has chosen to use her power to transform the lives of those aroundher. With 14 years of experience and a genuine love for making others feel beautiful from within, Neha understands that everyone deserves to have access to inclusive beauty.

Together these two visionaries have created YOGEE, a revolutionary brand that believes beauty should be in harmony with nature, not against it. Their mission is to combine ancient wisdom with modern science, Ayurveda, Green Chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiomics, Eco-consciousness, and create innovative and effective 100% natural beauty and wellness solutions to help nourish and nurture our individual beauty, inside-out.

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