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Discover "BioAyurPro Fusion Tech"- A Novel Effective Fusion of Ayurveda, Phytochemistry, Biotechnology, Pre & Probiotics. With 20 filed patents, our eco-conscious, natural formulae guarantees safe, effective results visible in just 7 days. Trust radical innovation for lasting beauty and wellness.

Embrace our range of 100% organic, plant-based, sustainable, holistic, luxurious beauty and wellness products, across ages (babies to seniors), skin & hair types, genders, and ethnicities. Join us in Conscious, Ethical Living, for a Healthier You & Planet.

Experience Revolutionary formulations with pure organic herbs hydrosols as base, phyto-actives, bio-ferment filtrates, essential & cold pressed oils, pre & probiotics for superior, water-wise, care, for fast lasting results. Eco-friendly packaging of Glass and Aluminium, good for You & the Earth.

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Meet YOGEE'S Creators

    Dr. Yogessh Suraadkaar
    Founder & CEO

    • PhD Chemistry, ICT Mumbai
    • Ex VP R&D L'Oréal, Marico, P&G
    • Techno-Commercial Transformational Change Champion Leader
    • Over 20 years of Global Professional Experience
    • Worked in IN, USA, JP, & SG
    • Aims to leave a positive legacy for generations to come

    Neha Suraadkaar
    Co-founder & COO

    • MSc Fashion & Textiles, Delhi
    • Beauty, Fashion expert, Entrepreneur
    • Over 15 years of Professional Beauty & Fashion Experience
    • Advocates access to inclusive mindful beauty

Best Products

Serene Skin Hydrosol Oral Shots for Healthy Radiant Skin Dive into the natural essence of beauty with Serene Skin's Hydrosol Shots. Crafted to rejuvenate your skin from within, this potion is a harmonious blend of steam-distilled guava, gotukola, clove, sweet orange, and lemongrass hydrosols. Every drop is designed to imbue your skin with radiance, drawing from the sustainable and organic purity of nature. Choose Serene Skin for a luminous, healthier complexion and let your skin sip on the elixir of age-old Ayurvedic wisdom.
Divine Tresses Hydrosol Oral Shots for Healthy Hair Elevate your hair care from the inside out with our Divine Tresses Hydrosol Oral Shots. Crafted from 100% natural, organic, and sustainable sources, each shot is a potent infusion of steam-distilled hydrosols from curry leaf, nettle, brahmi, and amla. This unique blend harnesses the ancient wisdom of herbs to promote lustrous, strong, and vibrant hair. Embrace the power of nature's elixirs and witness a transformational journey to radiant hair. Perfect for those seeking a holistic approach to hair health. Drink your way to divine locks!
Ayur Boost Hydrosol Oral Shots for Women Health Elevate your well-being with our Ayur Boost Hydrosol Oral Shots, tailored for the holistic health of modern women. Dive into a symphony of nature's finest — the harmonizing whispers of lavender and rose, complemented by the energizing notes of fennel and juniper. Rounded off with the grounding touch of jeera, this blend is not just a supplement; it's a daily ritual. All steam-distilled, 100% organic, and sustainably sourced, these shots embody pure vitality and balance. Experience a transformative journey to radiant health with every sip. Embrace nature's rhythm; embrace your best self.
Ayur Boost Hydrosol Oral Shots for Men's Health Dive into the essence of holistic well-being with Ayur Boost. Harnessing the power of nature, each shot is a symphony of steam-distilled hydrosols — semal for vitality, spicy white pepper for energy, soothing vetiver, luxurious saffron, and invigorating cinnamon. This 100% organic, sustainable formula is tailor-made for the modern man, rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. Elevate your health journey with nature's finest. Embrace the Ayur Boost experience.
Sacred Sips Organic Tea Drops - Women Health Embrace the symphony of nature's finest with our Sacred Sips Tea Drops tailored for women. This 100% natural, organic, and sustainably crafted supplement marries the soothing touch of chamomile, the aromatic embrace of rosemary, and the zest of coriander seed, black pepper, and ginger. Designed as a holistic solution for women's well-being, each tea drop serves as a potent potion that resonates with feminine energy. Effortlessly dissolve the nuances of life, as you indulge in this harmonious blend. Elevate your daily ritual and let your essence bloom with every sip.
Sacred Sips Organic Tea Drops-Skin Health Elevate your daily ritual with our Sacred Sips Organic Tea Drops, meticulously crafted for radiant skin health. This 100% natural, organic, and sustainable blend marries the rejuvenating properties of rose, the balancing essence of fennel, the refreshing zest of sweetlime, and the invigorating touch of peppermint. Let each drop dissolve into a soothing elixir, designed to nurture your skin from the inside out, offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Experience the pure, potent, and harmonious symphony of nature in every sip. Drink in the glow.
Experience Serene Dew Daily Radiance: Unlock Natural Radiance with SPF 35 PA+++ Experience the sublime synergy of Ayurvedic heritage and cutting-edge science with the Serene Dew Daily Radiance Skin Nourisher. Crafted for the discerning woman, this SPF 35 PA+++ formula effortlessly merges the healing prowess of Bio AyurPro Fusion Technology with the guardianship of natural sunscreens. Drench your skin in the calming essence of Chamomile hydrosol, harmoniously blended with potent botanicals like Pomegranate, Walnut, and Arjuna. The rejuvenating touch of Reishi mushroom bio ferment and the deep hydration of Shea butter and oils, including the rare Rose honey oil, ensure your skin radiates a healthful glow. Commit to a daily ritual that shields, hydrates, and illuminates, all while adhering to sustainable and eco-conscious principles. Elevate your skincare to an art form.
Serene Skin Herbal Supplement Capsule for Radiant Skin Dive into nature's treasure trove with Serene Skin. Crafted with a powerful fusion of ancient herbs, this 100% organic supplement rejuvenates and nourishes the skin from within. Housed in eco-friendly rice capsules, each dose unveils the combined potency of amla, turmeric, and six other pristine botanicals, promising a luminous complexion and balanced skin tone. Embrace the serenity of nature's touch and let your skin reflect its pure essence. Sustainable beauty is just a capsule away. Serene Skin Herbal Supplement: Your Path to Glowing, Healthy Skin
Illumine Aura 3-in-1 Hair Face Body Shower Cleanser: Embrace Natural Radiance from Head to Toe Elevate your shower ritual with the luxuriously purifying Illumine Aura 3-in-1 Shower Cleanser. This unique blend, powered by BioAyurPro Fusion Technology, marries ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with the cutting-edge advances of Phytochemistry, Biotechnology, and Microbiomics. The infusion of pre and probiotics ensures a balanced skin microbiome, all while our eco-conscious approach preserves Mother Earth. Revel in the harmonious symphony of Eladi and Lemongrass hydrosols, further enriched with sandalwood powder. The invigorating essence of Grapefruit and Peppermint essential oils leaves you refreshed and revitalized. A true holistic experience, this cleanser deeply purifies, hydrates, and rejuvenates, offering the skin a natural, radiant glow. Dive into a sustainable shower experience that nourishes both your skin and soul. Embrace natural radiance from head to toe with Illumine Aura 3-in-1 Hair Face Body Shower Cleanser. Crafted with 100% natural and organic ingredients, this sustainable cleanser offers moisturization, skin brightening, and anti-acne and anti-pollution defence. Experience nourished hair, a youthful glow, and complete care for your hair, face, and body. Discover the transformative power of natural skincare with Illumine Aura today.
Confidence Booster: Serene Dew's Acne Clear Nourisher for Men with SPF 35 PA+++ Discover the power of nature fused with scientific innovation in our Acne Clear Skin Nourisher, specifically crafted for men. Harnessing the advanced BioAyurPro Fusion Technology, this formulation seamlessly integrates the wisdom of Ayurveda, cutting-edge biotechnology, and the harmony of Microbiomics, all while staying true to our commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. With the natural freshness of mandarin orange and the potent anti-acne properties of lodh and lemon, our formula promises not only protection from the sun's harmful rays but also a clearer, rejuvenated complexion. The inclusion of jojoba oil ensures deep hydration without clogging pores, while the aromatic blend of orange and patchouli oil revitalizes the senses. Dive into a holistic skincare experience that not only combats acne but also nourishes and protects. Your skin deserves the pure, potent, and purposeful care of Serene Dew Acne Clear.
Serene Illumine 3-in-1 Depigmentation Scrub Mask - Nourish, Renew, Illuminate Experience the blissful fusion of ancient Ayurveda and modern science with Serene Illumine. Crafted for radiant, even-toned skin, this unique 3-in-1 scrub mask is designed to gently exfoliate, deeply nourish, and combat hyperpigmentation. The signature blend of potent natural powders and hydrosols synergize with Tetrapeptide 30 and the groundbreaking BioAyurPro Fusion Tech, offering an unparalleled depigmentation solution. Enjoy the soothing aromas of grapefruit and patchouli as your skin undergoes a transformative journey towards luminosity. Step into a world of eco-conscious beauty, where sustainability meets effectiveness. Choose Serene Illumine – the epitome of nature's brilliance, harnessed for your skin. Embrace the serenity of luminous beauty and experience the transformative power of nature and science.
Serene Dew Radiance Renew: Reveal Radiant Skin with Our Exclusive Night Skin Elixir | 100% Natural & Sustainable Unlock the ancient secrets of radiant skin. This Night Elixir is a luxurious fusion of BioAyurPro Fusion Technology, marrying the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda with modern Phytochemistry, Biotechnology, and Microbiomics. Dive into an eco-conscious blend, enriched with the potent power of Saffron, Rose, and an array of traditional botanicals. Experience the rejuvenating essence of Sesame Oil, Red Sandalwood, and a symphony of herbs and petals. Supercharged by the regenerative properties of Red algae Bio ferment filtrate, it offers intense rejuvenation while you rest. As you rest, let this sustainable elixir work its magic, awakening your skin's inherent luminosity. Every drop is a promise of a renewed dawn for your skin.
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